"Mathew 24:14 Christian Ministry" Overall Ministry Beliefs - "Live By Faith"

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(not all the ministry beliefs are necessarily held to by various denominational/non-denominational Christian content contributors and volunteers)

1. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and part of "The Trinity" (co-eternal), including the Holy Spirit, He died and rose again on the Third Day and ascended to Heaven.

2. We are Saved by Grace alone through faith and support full water immersion for baptism + The Lord's Supper / communion + foot-washing - once Saved, we should seek to turn from sin and look to serve the Lord with ministering such as prayer, etc. and evangelism, etc..

3. The Lord Inspired and Preserved His "word" - this ministry holds to and defends the King James Bible.

4. The Ten Commandemnts are still valid, including the Saturday Sabbath day Fourth Commandment = 24 hours from Friday to Saturday evenings - its observance will be a determined test of loyalty, during the "Bible mark of the beast".

5. There was a literal 7 day Creation week (6, 24 hour days and 1, 24 hour rest).

6. This ministry is "pro-life" and also believes intimate physical relationships should be engaged in only by a married man and woman, opposing hetrosexual adultery, fornication and also homosexuality.

7. Once dead, people are without consciousness, awaiting Jesus' return to either be Saved, or annihilated in the "lake of fire" permanently.

8. More than a physical reality, there is ongoing "spiritual warfare" and we should be spiritually armed and protected: prayer and Bible study are a key part of this.

9. The ministry supports a healthy lifestyle and abstaining from intoxicacting beverages / smoking / drugs, etc..

10. There will be a new Heaven and Earth without sin for eternity, once the gospel has reached the world and it is remade - Matthew 24:14: "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."

This Ministry Is Not Operated/Owned By Any Outside Person/Organisation, Nor Funded By Any Church/Denomination, As Well As NOT Being An Official Part Of The Seventh-day Adventist Church - Read Some More About The Ministry "Here"